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What is WDSPCo?

Wireless Data Service Providers' Corporation (SPCo) is an organization of domestic and international service providers who are interested in, or are offering, wireless data services.

What is the purpose of WDSPCo?

The primary purposes of WDSPCo are to manage the allocation of IP-addresses and unique identifiers, and to set policies to ensure interoperability between carriers and seamless mobility for wireless data customers. The address allocation is managed through a Wireless Data NIC that is funded by WDSPCo. The WDSPCo Board periodically meets to set policies and formulas for allocation of IP addresses, unique identifiers, and other items necessary for wireless data interoperability.

Are there additional functions WDSPCo could perform in the future?

  • Liaison with network infrastructure equipment vendors
  • A centralized Wireless Data Network Operations Center (NOC) for arbitration of border router conflicts
  • I-Interface backbone management I-Interface security management
  • A common network test bed

What are the different types of memberships?

Voting members are carriers who typically are actively deploying wireless data networks. These members vote for board members, nominate officers, and determine corporate policies and procedures

Service-only members are non-voting members. They can request IP address allocation from the NIC, typically for demonstration purposes. Address allocation is limited to 16K.

Non-voting, non-carrier members have deployed a wireless data backbone network and may receive network identifiers from the Wireless Data NIC.

What does “demonstration purposes” mean?

WDSPCo needs an active membership to effectively carry out the mission and functions of the organization. The Service-only membership category was added for service providers who are in initial stages of their deployment. When network deployment is complete, they should become voting members and fully participate in managing WDSPCo.

The WDSPCo functions are not being addressed by any other organization. These functions mostly benefit carriers; they are not being performed by the Wireless Data Forum, as the Forum is an open organization which can not take up functions benefiting a specific group.

How was NIC managed and paid for in the past?

In the past, the Wireless Data NIC has been managed by a small group of carriers. Expenses for such operation has been born by this small group. It was always the intent that an organization like WDSPCo be in place to service all carriers.

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